Our Mission Statement //

The mission of Chappel Group Research is to provide the highest level of quality clinical research services in order to further the advancement of the science of medicine. Our caring and professional clinical staff know that in order to successfully treat diseases in the future, new medications will be needed. We are proud of the part that we and our patients play in the process of drug development through the trials we conduct.

Our Promise //

Our promise to our patients is that we will continue to put their health and safety first and foremost by providing them with the best medical care possible and to continually strive to help them understand their disease processes and treatments.


Our promise to our sponsors is that we will always provide them with the highest quality data in an accurate and timely fashion. We know that it will ultimately improve the quality of medicines available in the future as well as positively impact the lives of future generations.

Our Values  //

We pride ourselves on our core business values of accountability, professionalism, compassion and respect. We have structured our clinic to be a site that everyone, patients and sponsors alike, want to return to again and again.

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